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National Construction Warranty

National Construction Warranty Corporation provides cost-effective solutions for companies facing large-scale, residential construction defect issues. National was created to provide defendants and plaintiffs with reasonable methods for resolving issues related to residential construction defect problems. National has no affiliation with any law firms, manufacturers or other entities that could create a conflict of interest. We independently represent a fair and equitable solution to the problem.

An introduction from our CEO

If your company is burdened with a construction defect problem or is being sued for a third-party affiliation with another company's construction defect, we can help.

Irresponsible, contingency-based litigation has driven many companies to the edge or over the edge into bankruptcy. Beginning as MoistureFree Warranty, National Construction Warranty has become a leader in construction-related mass tort solutions. Our warranty-backed settlement programs can substantially reduce the cost and increase the viability of a cooperative settlement. Our focus is on efficiently fixing the problem, not writing checks. Many construction defect problems have a reasonable solution, but aggressive litigation often prevents the solution from being implemented. This can lead to expensive litigation and cash settlements that may never be used to actually fix the problem.

National acts as a mediator to bring parties together to create a reasonable, warranty backed solution to the problem. The win/win for our business is a reliable, low-cost solution to the problem that can be backed by our insurer, rated excellent by A. M. Best .

Making everyone whole while controlling litigation and remediation expenses is what makes National Construction Warranty your go-to source for construction defect problems. Remember, National does not provide any of the field services or receive any compensation for those services, so there is no conflict of interest. We are the quality control element that assures that these services are conducted properly in order to issue the warranty that backs the entire solution process.

You can trust National to help guide your company through the perilous world of construction defect litigation. Call us for a no-fee consultation on how National can help you save time and money…and maybe even save your company.

How Can National Construction Warranty Benefit You?

  1. Warranty-backed solutions to restore marketability and confidence in the property
  2. True third-party field services to assure accurate inspection and cost data
  3. Repair specifications based on the National warranty specifications, not inflated costs designed to increase fees
  4. Improved marketability of the affected property through a multi-year national warranty program.

Who Can Use National Construction Warranty?

  • Companies seeking a reasonable solution to geographically dispersed litigation for defects in construction or products used in construction
  • Companies who recognize that just the legal costs for individual case litigation can often be two or three times more than the actual settlement cost
  • Responsible attorneys seeking a warranty-backed repair solution to their client’s problems .